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1.       Race Information

Race Time & Date: 8:30AM Sunday, March 20th, 2016

Start Location: Chongqing Nan Bin Road

Events & Capacity: Full Marathon (42.195km) 7000 runners;

                Half Marathon (21.0975km) 4500 runners;

            Mini Marathon(5km)18500 runners.

Registration Fees: Marathon and half marathon registration fees:150 Chinese yuan for each of the domestic athletes (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) .300 Chinese yuan for each of the foreign athletes .

                50 Chinese Yuan (Mini Marathon).


2.       Registration Time

  A. Application for Chongqing International full and half marathon 2016 have three stages:

The first stage: Pre-registration

December 18, 2015(900am) till December 28, 2015(9:00pm);

The second stage: Publicize the result of the draw and payment

Runners who completed the pre-registration stage and get the lucky number will then be given a chance in the payment stage. Only those that have completed the payment stage and given a race number would be confirmed as a successful applicant.

The third stage: Adjustment

Who get the chance of payment but did not pay the fees before 21:00 Jan.5, 2016, are supposed to give up the game on their own, the committee will conduct the second round of the draw.

The result of registration will be published between January 6(9:00am) and January 99:00pm2016.

  B. The mini marathon can register directly

Between January 5 (9:00am) and February 289:00pm2016.


  3. Qualifications for Pre-registration application

  A. Age requirements

a. Full Marathon: Must be at least 20 years old (Birth year 1996) and below 65 years old (Birth year 1951).

b. Half Marathon: Must be at least 16 years old (Birth year2000) and below 65 years old (Birth year 1951).

  B. Timing requirements

a. Athletes who participated in a domestic or an overseas race with a finish-timing of within 6 hours in a full marathon or within 3 hours in a half marathon event in the period between January 1, 2013 and November 30, 2015.

b. Athletes who did not participate in an official event, and have the ability to complete a marathon in 6 hours or a half marathon in 3 hours.

c. Registration channel for elite runners: Runners who participated in the Chongqing International Marathon in the period of 2014 till 2015, and have a finish-timing of 4 hours and less (Male); 4 hours 30 minutes or less (Female) in full marathon  ;or who have a finish-timing of 1 hour 40 minutes and less (Male); 2 hours or less (Female) in half marathon may submit their registration application through the elite application channel. Elite players cant cross channel qualification registration,and  the elite player list will be announced before pre-registration.


   4.Registration methods

Fill the registration information on the official website ( ) or Wechat (cqmarathon).  

Applicants please fill out the personal information honestly as the organizing committee may verify the information. Any false statement may cause the cancellation of the Chongqing marathon application.

Office Call:023-62898882


If you have any questions, you can send e-mails to Shawee ( or send message through the skype(shawee0614),Ill be very glad to answer it for you.


Note: The Chongqing marathon organizing committee to explain this all.

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