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2016 Chang’an Automobile Chongqing International Marathon Car Pick-Up Service Arrangement

2016 Chang’an Automobile Chongqing International Marathon will be start at 8:00am Mar.20 (Sunday),in order to provide better service for foreign athletes,the organizing committee have arranged car pick-up service,the specific arrangement is as follows:

A.Pick-up time

Mar.17 to Mar.19

B.Pick-up location

JiangBei Airport ( There will be reception points set by West Air,they will guide athletes to pick-up location.

Longtousi railway station north square

C.Pick-up way

Athletes who participate in the 2016 Chang’an automobile Chongqing international marathon,need to arrive at the railway station or airport  in the specified time with goods collection certificate of WeChat version  so that they can take the athletes reception car.

D.Reception car class time

9:00、10:30、12:00、13:30、15:00、16:30、18:00、20:00,8 classes in total,can be adjusted according to the specific situation.

Note: Reception car drive to goods collection location directly and without a stop during the travel,you can collect race goods as well as visit Chongqing international marathon sports expo .reception car will  stop at Nanping business circle after 18:00 of 17th and 18th ,please arrange your time.

E.Reception contact number


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