Guide for athletes

1.Start & finish transportation guide


- By bus: take off at Haitang Xiaoyue station, walk towards Nanbin Road for five mins and reach the main venue. The available buses that pass Haitang Xiaoyue station are 304, 315, 321,323, 346, 347, 352, 353, 354, 363, 368, 377, and 384.The buses that pass Jiangnan Sports Center are 305, and 320.


- By taxi: the athletes for full marathon and half marathon are could take off at Jiangnan Sports Center. Athletes who participate the mini marathon could also take off at Haitang Xiaoyue station and walk to the main venue.


- Athletes of full and half marathons check point area is on the corner of Sihai Road and Sheraton Hotel. Athletes of mini marathons check point is assigned at Xiaoyue Road.


- Half marathons finish point: after finished, athletes could get complete package and stored package, then take the free ferry push.



A.Starting time and location

8:00 am, March 19th, 2017 (Sunday) at Chongqing Nanbin Park.



B.Call Room 


1)  Roll call time: 06:30 - 07:30 am March 19th 2017.


2)  Roll call location:

- Full marathon: according to athletes number bibs, taking A area at Sheraton Hotel call room,taking B area at Yuxin Sichu Flavor Restaurant.


- Half marathon: athletes would take H area at Kaixianglong call room.


- Mini marathon: call room is on the corner of Daronghe and Xiaoyue Road, the 1st square for the collective groups, the 2nd for individual athletes.



3)  Roll call requirements:

- Athletes must wear the unified clothing provided by committee for race.

- Invited athletes must roll call at the assigned areas.


4.Clothing access


1) Clothing access are set at starting and end areas. Use number bib to store and get package. Clothing access open time: 06:30 15:00 (close 20 minutes earlier before race), and there is no clothing access for mini marathons athletes.


2) Half-marathons clothing access would be set on the bus around starting point. Use number bib to store and get back the package. Clothing access on buss open time: 6:30 - 7:40 (close 20 minutes earlier before race).After the race,participants can also get back the package at the Half marathon end point clothing storage vehicle with the number bib.






Bus   No.


    Bus No.



























4) If there is special occasion that cannot take back package on time, please taking the number bib to Chongqing Jiangnan Sports Center (Committee) to redeem your package after race. If the package would not be taken within 3 days after race, the committee would take it as abandoned.


5) Prohibit of storing flammable and explosive products. Do not deposit the valuable goods (mobile phone, ID, cash, bank cards, keys, computers, and etc.)


5.Number Bibs


1)  Athletes must wear the number bibs on the front, do not fold or cover the number bibs, the smaller bib must store in the checked package.


2)  Number bibs are athletes ID during the race, athletes must fill out the authentic information on the back of number bibs, which can simply retrieve the information in emergency and final awards.



3)  Number bibs cannot be transfer, athletes pay full responsibility if there is any accident for number bibs change.


6.Timing chip


1)  Athletes of full and half marathon must use timing chip provided by committee(The chip is pasted on the back of the number bib). If anyone not use the chip would have no official timing record.

2)  Wearing 2 or more chips in race, the records would be cancel and report to Chinese Athletes Association.

3)  The record is net time, athletes must follow the roads timing carpet and avoid jumping, or it cannot record. Timing points and camera are on the starting point, 5km, 10km, 15km, 20km, 25km, 26.2km, 30km, 35km, 40km, and the ending point.


7.Tips for Races Start

Net timing is applying for both full and half marathon, athlete start their race in each assigned area. Please do not push or squeeze to avoid of tread.  


8.Closing time and distance

In order to protect athletes safety and a smoothly race, there is limited transportation and closing time for each section of race. After finishing one section of race, the transportation would be resumed. If athletes could not finish race before sections closing time, their races would be suspend in case of danger. Athletes withdraw the race would be taken to the program ending point by ferry buses. 




Closing time

Exact time

Mini marathon


1 hour30 mins


Half marathon


1 hour 45 mins



3 hours15 mins


Full marathon


4 hours 30 mins



5 hours 15 mins



5 hours 55 mins



6 hours15 mins




9.Beverage station、drinking water station and supply stations

1)    Beverage station

Starting point, ending point, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40km all set beverage stations.

  2) Drinking and water use station

There are drinking and water use station between two supply stations: 7.5、12.5、17.5、22.5、27.5、32.5、37.5km.

  3)Supply stations:17、23、28、33、38km.



10.Spray stations:25、30、35、40km.



11. Medical aid


There are medical aid stations on the racing track every 2.5km from starting to ending point. There are first-aid volunteers on the track with moving AED that provide service for athletes. During the race, every athlete should estimate their own ability based on health conditions. If there is any accident such as out of physical strength, athletes should quit race to avoid of danger. If the professional medical personnel requires any athlete quit the race, the athletes must follow their order.   


12. Aid cars

Aid cars will follow half and full marathons, if there is any reason that athlete could not finish the race, athlete must take or wait aid cars to pick up in order to ensure safety.


13. Washroom

There are constant and moving washrooms on Sihai Road, Nanbin Park Plaza, and the corner of Xiaoyue Road. There are 12 moving washrooms located at 4、5、7.5、10、15、17.5、20、25、26.2、30、35、40km.


14. Penalties

Chongqing International Marathon Committee will use camera to monitoring the whole race. If there is anyone goes against the regulation, his/her race record would be canceled, and would be banned on participation in Chongqing International Marathon for two years and reported to Chinese Athletes Association. If the case is gross violation, athletes would be on suspension lifelong.


-  False declaration of age(before, during or after the race); Getting a runner to run in your name.

-  Participants who run with a chip belonging to another runner or carrying two or more than two timing chips(including male athletes carrying timing chips of female runners) during the race.

-  Not following the stated start time, not starting in the allotted pen stated in the terms and conditions.

-  Not starting the race at the stated start time (earlier than stated).

-  Did not stop after past the cutoff time, or quit the race but return later to continue the race.

-  Did not run along the designated route(Such as the mini participants run half marathon route, half participants run full marathon route),taking a shorter route,or insert the route  in halfway.

-  Half and Full Marathon runners who do not don both the race number bibs assigned to them .

-  Did not finish the race but past the finish point and demand to be given the finisher medal and other materials or gifts stated.

-  Not complying with race marshals’ instructions, be a nuisance, causing a disturbance or fighting.

-  Not abiding the rules, attempting to pass the finish point the second time to collect the finisher’s gifts .

-  Forge the race number bib of that day’s race, getting multiple runners to run under one name.

-  Using false information to obtain the qualification or transferring the race number bib to others after the registration ,this athlete should pay full responsibility if there is any accident for number bibs change.

-  Breaking any other rules or regulations that may be added on impromptu.


15. Announcements


1) Athletes should be healthy and frequently participate in exercises and running practices. Athletes should select the suitable programs, the patients that suffer from following illness are not suitable for race:

- Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease

- Hypertension and cerebrovascular disease

- Myocarditis and other heart diseases

- Coronary artery disease and arrhythmia

- Diabetes

- Other diseases that not suitable for sports


(一). Tips before race


1)  Equipment


- A pair of shoes that suit for running

- A pair of thick sports socks

- A pair of thin sports shorts

- A raincoat (wind and water proof, heat preservation)

- A small box of Vaseline


2)  Psychological preparation

- physical test is strongly recommend for 1st time runner, the test includes heart, blood pressure, blood biochemical test (if there is athletes have history of congenital heart disease, or unusual figures of blood fat, blood sugar, liver, and kidney, they should not attend the race).

- Protection of feet: cut toenail and cocoon, if there is wound on feet, please treat in hospital.  

- Running a marathon is a psychological and physical challenge, but safety comes first, so we have to learn to give up. Participants should take the initiative to give up the race or ask for others help,when the body fells uncomfortable.


3)  Preparation before race

- Fried, sweet, and meat foods are not recommended for breakfast before race.

- Do not take off jacket or coat too early: to maintain heat and prevent from injury.

- Warm-up 30 mins earlier before race: maintain heat and increase heart movement.

- Paste Vaseline to protect skin friction.


   (二). Tips for race


     Notices during race

1) The 1st afflictive period is around 10-20 mins after beginning, it named 1st limited status, it is the normal phenomenon. The resolution is slow down the speed and breath for 2-3 mins till the afflictive period pass. 

2)  It is usual that not trained athlete would experience bodys limited status, which include muscle and chins pain and strong feel of fatigue around 30-35 mins after beginning. If there is anyone experience these phenomenon above, it is better to quit the race rather than take the risk.

3) Each athlete should follow its own rhythms, do not compete with others, or it would break down your speed and rhythms.

4) Usually, marathon athletes need take energetic drinks around 20km.



(三).Notice after race

1) Maintain heat, moisturizing, take food for energy immediately.

2) Do not do sauna or take hot shower in the race day.

3) Massage is acceptable.

4) 10-20 mins jogging could help your body’s recovery 24 hours later after the race .

5) If you have any concern in the race or after race, please consult with professor and psychological doctors.


16. Process after race

1) Get the complete package food supply take back package restoration movementfree medal lettering (local athletes could go to Jiangnan Sports Center (Committee) for lettering).

2)You can check and print record on the Chongqing International Marathon official site the 2nd day after race. Athletes of mini marathon could fill out their records and evacuate.


17.Weather forecast





Wind speed (M / s)

Wind direction