2018 Chongqing International Marathon Notice about traffic restrictions on some sections of Nanbin road and Babin Road

The 2018 Chongqing international marathon will be held on March 25, 2018 from 08:00 to 14:15 in Nanbin road of Nanan district and Babin road of Banan district. In order to ensure the success of the march, the safty, smooth and order of traffice during the event, the traffic administrative department of the public security bureau will have traffic restrictions along the road by time interval during the match, according to the provisions of the "Road Traffic Safety Law of People's Republic of China" and relevant laws. The following matters are hereby announced as follows:

I. Traffic restriction period

  22:00pm March 24th -15:00pm March 25th

II. Traffice restriction Area

From exit of Tengbin Road of Nanbin Road in Nanan district to intersection of Ronghui Peninsula of Babin Road in Banan District

IIITraffic restriction measures

    During the traffic restriction period, all vehicles are not allowed into the restricted area except for special vehicles with "2018 Changan Chongqing International Marathon race car pass"

IV. Traffic bypass route

iDuring the period of restriction time, the vehicles which need to pass the restricted area can be bypassed:

1. Yangren Street-Tengbin Road-Tenglong Avenue-Nandan Road-Nanping Ring Road-Sigongli-Haixia Road-Yunan Avenue round way

2. Yangren Street-Tenghuang Road-Panlong Overpass-BRT-Sigongli Overpass round way

3. Vehicles which need to pass through the Babin road in Banan and Nanan District could be diverted to Longzhou Avenue - Yunan Road Sigongli.

ii. During the traffic restriction period, No. 119, 375, 338, 373, 353, 398, 872 and 394 bus lines will be diverted and do not stop in the restricted area. No.340, 369 and T026 bus lines will be temporarily suspended. The specific changes are as follows:

1. Origniating station of No. 119 bus line will changed to Armed Police Hospital from beginning of March 25th to the end of  the end of the match,

2. No. 375 bus line will changed its rout to the following line: Danzishi Qunhui Road-Dashiba-Shangxin Street-Fulishe-Nanping.

3. No. 338 bus line will changed its rout to the following line: Yangren Street Ruixiang Road-Panlong Circle-International Community-Danzishi Qunhui Road-Dashiba-Shangxin Street-Fulishe-Nanping, restore the original rout to Niujiaotuo.

4. No.353 bus line will temporary bypass Yanyubao-Nanping East Road-Furen Avenue due to closeness of Haitang Yanyu Road.

5. No.398 bus line will temporary turn around at the gate of Xiexin Townine for the Nanbin Road closure;

6. No.872 bus line will change to the following line: Luojiaba-Furen Road-Nanping East Road-Yangguanghuating-Fulishe;

7. No.340 and 369 bus lines will be suspended for half a day on the morning of March 25th.

8. No.373 bus line is changed to Shangxin Street Tushan Road - Danzishi;

9. The starting station of No.394 bus line is adjusted from the Da Buddha Temple Station to the Tuozhan Road station.

10. T026 bus line was halt for half a day in March 25th.

V.Other matters

1.During the traffic restriction period,major traffic participants must conscientiously abide by laws and regulations on road traffic safety and the provisions of this notice, and obey the command of traffic patrol police and traffic wardens. Anyone who violate the provisions of this notice will be penalized in accordance with relevant laws and regulateons.

2.During the traffic restriction period, residents in the restricted area(docks、construction sites、parking garage、residence community、and etc.) should make arrangements in advance.

3.For the purpose of ensuring the smooth conduct of the events, We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience that traffic restriction will bring to residents. Do please understand and support us.


People's Government of Chongqing Nanan District

People's Government of Chongqing Banan District

Traffic administration department  of Chongqing public securety bureau

March 16,2018