2019 Chang’an Automobile Chongqing International Marathon Registration Notice

1. Race Information

Race Time&Date: 8:00AM Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Race Route: Chongqing Nanbin Road ,Babin Road

Events & Capacity: Full Marathon (42.195km)   12000 runners;

Half Marathon (21.0975km)   5500 runners;

Mini Marathon   10500 runners;

Parent-child Marathon  2000 runners.

2. Registration Time

A. There are three stages to apply for 2019 Chongqing International full and half marathon  

The first stage: Pre-registration and payment

Nov. 13th, 2018(after news conference ) till Dec.3, 2018(21:00);

The second stage: Registration information audit

Dec.3, 2018 till Dec.9, 2018;

The third stage: Draw and publicize the result

The draw date is Dec.10th,and the result publication date is Dec.11th,2018(10:00am),applicants can inquire about the drawn result on our website or Wechat.

Only those who have completed the first stage and receive a race number will be confirmed as successful applicants.

B. The mini marathon can be registered directly

Dec.13rd,2018(10:00) till Feb.20th 201921:00).

C. Parent-child Marathon

The first stage: Pre-registration and payment

Dec. 13th, 2018(10:00 ) till Jan.13, 2019(21:00);

The second stage: Registration information audit

Jan.13, 2019 till Jan.19, 2019;

The third stage: Draw and publicize the result

The draw date is Jan.20,2019 and the result publication is Jan.21,2019(10:00am),applicants can inquire about the drawn result on our website or Wechat.

D.Charity marathon

Dec.13rd 2018, 10:00 to 21:00 Jan. 30, 2019, there will be 300 opening in total.

3. Registration Channels

A. please sign up online,the official website is ,official Wechat is cqmarathon.

In the past three years,anyone who participated in the Chongqing Marathon or more than two races (including two races) of the Chinese Marathon Majors (Chongqing Marathon, Wuhan Marathon, Beijing Marathon, Guangzhou Marathon) with the following results, the system will accept your application automatically :

4. Qualifications for Pre-registration application

  A. Age requirements

a. Full Marathon: Must be at least 20 years old (born before Mar.31,1999).

b. Half Marathon: Must be at least 16 years old (born before Mar.31,2003 ) .If your age is beyond 65 years old and really want to participate the event, your guardian or legal representative must to sign the entry statement for you.

 B. Physical condition requirements

Participants health requirements: A marathon is a long-distance high-intensity sports, it is also a high-risk event, the physical condition of the participants must be healthy and participants should be in good health, they should have engaged in long distance running training previously. Participants,depending on their physical condition and the ability to choose either to enroll in marathon, half marathon or mini-marathon accordingly.

Runners with the following diseases should not participate in the race:

i. Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease;

ii. Hypertension and cerebrovascular diseases;

iii.Myocarditis and other heart disease;

iv. Coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia;

v. Too high or too low blood sugar in diabetic patients;

vi. Two weeks before the tournament days to catch a cold;

vii.Pregnant woman;

viii.Other patients with any disease not suitable for sports.


Each participant is to fill in the required personal information correctly. Specific registration procedures are in Chongqing Marathon official website. (

6.Registration fees

A.Marathon and Half-marathon participant : Rmb 200 per person

B.Registration is free for invited athletes and CAA registered athletes;

C. Mini marathon participant : RMB 100 per person.

D.Parent-Child marathon participant : RMB 200 per person.

E.Charity marathon participant : RMB 2000 per person.

7.If matters not covered here,please refer it to the competition regulations of the 2019 Chongqing International Marathon.