Registration information


1. Please check your registration information carefully , the information will not be able to change after confirmed .

2. The participants whose event is marathon or half marathon must carry valid certificates and the goods collection form to collect the goods by yourself, it is forbidden to collect it by others.

3. Please read the registration information contestants statement, race rules carefully before you fill in the registration information.

4. The information is not true or not conform to the relevant regulations will be disqualified, in order to safeguard your rights, please fill in your information carefully.

Pay attention: applicants can get a lottery chance only after you'v completed the entry fees firstly

applicant's information
*Name: Team name:
*Gender: *Registration event:
*Telephone number: *Birthday:
*Country: *E-mail:
*Passport number: *City:
*Size of dress:
*Size of Socks:
*emergency contact person: *emergency contact number:
Contestants statement:
1, I sign up for 2018 Chongqing International Marathon and relevant events (collectively the "Competition") out of my own accord ;
2, I have fully understood and agreed to all the competition rules, procedures, requirements and measures made and taken by the Organizing Committee and other co-organizers of the Races(collectively the “Organizers ”) ;
3, I am in good health condition and I am fully prepared for my participation in the competition,and I am fully aware of all potential risks in the competition,and have already taken per-cautionary measures ;
4, I am willing to undertake the full responsibility for all personal emergency risks may occur during the competition, and I agree that the organizers do not undertake liabilities of any forms for injury,death,or any other forms of loss,which is not caused by the organizers ;
5, I agree to accept the doping test required by the organizers,if necessary, and the medical treatment of first aid nature which is provided by the organizers during the competition ;
6, I authorize the organizers and designated events media to use my portrait,name,voice and other personal information for free in the organization and promotion of the competition;
7, I undertake that I shall register for and participate in the competition based on all my true individual information ,and will not transfer my number cloth to any others;
8, I agree not to deliberately damage,change or mask my number cloth before and during the competition ;
9, I agree to provide valid personal identity documents and information to organizers for personal status confirmation;
10, I agree to accept any personal accident insurance which is provided by the organizers and with myself as the insurant ;
11, I or my legal representative has read and full understood this declaration with duly acceptance and confirmation,and agree to bear corresponding legal responsibilities .
I have carefully read Online Registration Notice of Chongqing Marathon,and agreed the contestants statement.

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